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Uniqteq Philippines

We at Uniqteq Philippines are committed in helping Filipinos have access to clean, safe and virus free environment by offering unique sanitation and disinfection technologies.
Let us talk and understand how we can make your environment virus free!


SaniDoor | 2 in 1 Disinfection System

Great advantages of SaniDoor:
1. This fully automated door ensures 720 degrees disinfection by combining UV and atomization technologies;
2. Open system layout minizes discomfort;
3. With its built-in infrared sensor, SaniDoor automatically turns on when a person enters and turns off after exit;
4. Produces for particle size not exceeding 5 microns; hence, users do not get wet;
5. Quick disinfection time;
6. Corrosion resistant materials ensure long life of the system;
7. Suitable for schools, hotels, transport stations condominiums, shopping malls and other crowded places. ​
A premium way to prevent spread of any disease.

SaniBox | Bactericidal Atomization System

Features of SaniBox:
1. Powerful machine produces ultra-fine mist no larger than 5 microns; hence, people don’t get wet;
2. Equipped with programmable infrared sensor; hence, it can be operated unmanned;
3. Equipped with humidity and water level sensors to prevent overheating;
4. Made of corrosion resistant stainless steel materials, ensuring durability;
5. Compatible with all types of disinfecting solutions including effervescent tablets;
6. Comes with easy to remove solution reservoir for hassle-free refilling.

SaniDrop | Disinfecting Tablets

SaniDrop is an efficient and rapid disinfectant.
SaniDrop kills pathogenic bacteria and viruses, making it your recommended partner in total cleaning solutions.
1. Effervescent tablet n Food-grade, non-toxic, low-odor, non-iritant, non-carcinogenic, non-pollutant cleaning and sanitation product for commercial and household use.
2. More convenient alternative to bottled disinfecting solutions.
No mixing needed! Just drop the tablet in water.


Let us help, how we can make your environment virus free!

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